I HATE HAVING MY PHOTO TAKEN!  I would say that 99% of my clients dislike and/or hate having their photo taken. This feeling is totally normal and I will do my best to alleviate any anxiety you have before/during/after our photo session. Getting your picture professionally taken should be fun and I do my best to make sure that my clients are relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.

HOW DO I GO ABOUT CONTACTING YOUR FOR A SHOOT.  Please go to my  Contact page fill in the quick form, and submit it. Within 48 hours, I will contact you to begin scheduling your shoot. I’m a digital business and I book and confirm my shoots entirely over email, though I do make exceptions if it makes more sense for me to jump on the phone with you.

I’M STILL ON THE FENCE ABOUT WORKING WITH YOU OR NOT. I NEED FURTHER CONVINCING.  No problem, check out my Review Page and see what my past clients have to say about what it is like working with me.


WHAT ARE YOUR SHOOTING DAYS AND TIME? My shooting days and times are 10am to 3pm, Tuesday through Thursday, 10am to 6pm, Friday through Sunday.

DO YOU “HOLD” DATES? Your date and time  are “held” only when a deposit is made.  And inquiry of a date does not guarantee you a date.

DO I NEED TO PAY THE FULL AMOUNT? It depends, I require a non-refundable deposit to “HOLD” your date and time. It’s my policy to receive full payment within 2 weeks of your session for a SIGNATURE COLLECTION.  If you are purchasing a MINI COLLECTION full payment is required at time of booking.

DO YOU CHARGE EXTRA FOR TRAVELING OUTSIDE OF NEW YORK? For sessions in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Boston there’s a travel fee of $50 that will be added to your invoice.


HOW SHOULD I PREPARE FOR OUR PHOTO SHOOT? Once you’re confirmed you will receive an email that includes extensive information on how to prepare for your shoot, including tips on makeup, grooming, what to wear, etc.

DO YOU OFFER HAIR AND MAKEUP SERVICES? While I don’t offer hair and makeup service directly to my clients, I do have highly recommend the PUCKER company. All booking and payment is done directly with them. While you are scheduling your photoshoot with me, you can contact one of the stylists to make your hair and makeup appointment. In any case, all of the scheduling will be done between you and the stylist, so when you show up for your shoot, you are ready to go!

WHAT IF IT’S RAINING THE DAY OF MY SHOOT?  If it’s raining in the city the day of the shoot, I generally wait until about an hour before the shoot to see if it’s raining in the area where we will be shooting. If I decide to cancel the shoot, I will contact you by phone to let you know the shoot is off. At that point, you have two options – you can either reschedule or we can move the shoot into the studio.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I SHOW UP FOR AN OUTDOOR PHOTO SESSION?  Once we’ve arrived at our agreed upon location, we will probably spend a few minutes getting to know one another a bit more before starting the shoot. I strive to create a blend of candid photojournalistic shots and posed portraits in each shoot and I’m not shy at all about positioning you in the most flattering ways. I’ll give you a lot of direction and provide you with plenty of positive feedback.

WHAT IS CONSIDERED AN “OUTFIT”?  An outfit is a shirt, tie, and pants; a dress; or a t-shirt and jeans, etc. If your package includes multiple outfits, then please bring extra clothes with you to the shoot. If you aren’t sure what to wear, bring a few things and I can help you put outfits together. With my packages, even those only one outfit, it’s possible to add or remove layers, like putting on a vest or a scarf, adding jewelry, taking off a suit jacket, etc.


WHAT HAPPENS AFTER MY SHOOT IS OVER?  Within 10 – 12 days of your session, your images will be ready to view. You will get an email from me, this email will contain a link to an online gallery, where you will be able to view the images and download them straight onto your computer.

HOW MUCH RETOUCHING DO YOU PERFORM ON THE PHOTOS? I do basic color correction and minor retouching on all photos in Adobe Lightroom, the preferred software for photography processing and editing. If you want additional retouching on your photos, I charge an additional fee of $10 per image. But please be aware that I do not offer extensive retouching. If you are looking for massive edits in Photoshop, or edits like slimming down body parts or airbrushing, you can take your photos to someone else and have that done.  I’m happy to recommend a dew people.

DO YOU OFFER PRINTS?  Yes, from your gallery you have the opportunity to purchase gift prints.  If you’d like to purchase prints, I encourage you to do so directly from the gallery. The photos are printed at the nation’s premier print lab. The difference can be noticed than, say, getting your pictures printed at Duane Reade or Walgreen’s due to elements like the paper quality, the print machine itself, and a little more professional TLC! With a Signature Collection you’ll receive a 15% discount code as well.

DO YOU OFFER CARDS, I.E HOLIDAY/SAVE THE DATE/BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS?   I’m excited to be partnering with Minted this year to offer my clients truly unique cards. Come take a peek at my Minted Storefront at  and and check out their amazing cards.